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The following items are prohibited from importing, producing, handling, selling, distributing or giving in Maldives
• Religious materials offensive to Islam
• Idols (for worship)
• Pornographic material
• Narcotics and psychotropic substances
• Live pigs


• Arms and ammunition
• Alcohol and Spirits
• Pork and its by-products
• Dogs
• Dangerous animals
• Items allowed to import when accompanied with certificates
• Live plants and animals - a valid certificate is required
• Medicines - doctor's medical prescription required
• Radio & Wireless Communication Equipment
should be declared to Customs on arrival for frequency approval from relevant authority.
• Plants, Live animals & Birds - A phytosanitary / sanitary certificate(s) are required. In its absence, the items will be confiscated.
• All types of video films, movies should be declared to Customs for
approval through Government censors.