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Reciba información importante de la Embajada sobre las condiciones de seguridad en su país de destino, lo que le ayudará a tomar decisiones informadas sobre sus planes de viaje.
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Ayuda a que US Embassy pueda contactarte en caso de emergencia, ya sea por desastre natural, disturbios civiles o emergencia familiar.
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Ayuda a que tu familia y amigos se pongan en contacto contigo en caso de emergencia.
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Protégete mientras viajas internacionalmente al hacer que VisaHQ registre tu viaje con el US Department of State y el US Embassy en tu país de destino. Registration only takes minutes and provides peace of mind while traveling abroad.
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Free import

The following items can be freely imported into the country by travellers aged 17 years or over.
• 200 cigarettes or
• 50 cigars or
• 100 cigarillos or
• 250 grammes of smoking tobacco
• 1 Litre distilled alcoholic beverages over 22%vol
• litres still wine
• 50 grammes perfume
• All required medicinal products
• Sporting, camping and electronic equipment
• Sums of money greater than 10,000 Euros will need to be declared at the customs department when entering or leaving the country.


• Illegal drugs
• Guns, explosives and ammunition
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Plant and plant products – unless permission has been obtained
• Animal and animal products – unless permission has been obtained
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• Only NATO – KFOR military personnel are authorised to import weapons into the country. All other weapons are prohibited from entry.
• Plant and plant products entering the country will need to be accompanied by a • Phytosanitary Certificate proving the plants lack of harmful organisms.
• Any cats and dogs being imported into the country will require a veterinarian health certificate proving the animals are in a healthy physical condition prior to entry.