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Free import

• 400 cigarettes or
• 50 cigars or
• 250 grams of tobacco
• 1 litre alcoholic liquor or
• 6 cans of beer - valid for non Muslim travellers only.
• 8ozs of perfume
• Personal gifts not exceeding BD 250 and which are not subject to regular customs duty
• Personal belongings shall be permitted and exempt from customs duty
• Video and still cameras with appropriate accessories and film
• CD and DVD players within agreeable non-commercial quantities
• Telescopes
• Mobile phones within agreeable non-commercial quantities
• Computers including laptops within agreeable non-commercial quantities
• Sports equipment
• Baby strollers
• Portable music equipment
• Disabled wheelchairs


• Illegal Drugs
• Weapons, explosives and ammunition
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Plant and plant products
• Animal and animal products
• Live Swine
• Cats, dogs and other animals without a valid permit
• Indian Paan and Derivatives
• Advertisement material for all types of Cigarettes
• Children’s Toy Guns capable of firing projectiles
• Goods of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
• Printed publications, photographs, pictures, books, magazines sculptures and mannequins which contradict Islamic teachings, decency, or immorality
• Raw Ivory, Ivory articles and Rhinoceros Horn
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• All arms, ammunition and explosives being imported into the country will require a No Objection Certificate from Ministry of the Interior.
• The following items will require a No Objection Certificate from Ministry of Municipalities & Agriculture Affairs - Animal or vegetable fertilizers, Meat and meat products, Fish and Seafood products, Fruit and Vegetables, plants and soil.
• Other food products and required medicines will need special permission from the Ministry of Health.
• Birds being imported will need a permit from the Veterinary Quarantine in Bahrain. Cats and dogs will also need a permit from the Veterinary authorities inside the country alongside a rabies inoculation certificate proving the animal’s vaccination against the disease.
• Radios and broadcasting equipment entering the country will need a no objections certificate to be issued by the Telecom Regulation Authority.
• All antiques will need a no objection certificate from the Ministry of Information in order to leave the country.