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Free import

• 1000 cigarettes or
• 1000 grammes of tobacco products
• 1 1/2 litres of alcoholic beverages and
• 2 litres of wine
• Reasonable quantity of perfume
• Goods with total value not exceeding US$1000 equivalent or with weight not exceeding 50 kg;
• Critical household appliances at the value of $20,000 equivalent dollars USA for foreign citizens
• Immigrating to the Azerbaijan Republic or citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic emigrating from the Azerbaijan Republic;
• Pharmaceutical products intended for personal use;
• Fuel in the vehicle fuel tank at the volume specified in technical passport
• Art, historical, scientific and cultural items can be imported without any limitations
• Residents of Azerbaijan can import an unlimited amount of local and currency providing the amount was declared when they originally left the country. Non residents can also import an unlimited amount of foreign currency providing it is declared at the customs department in Baku.
• Residents can export an unlimited amount of local currency and up to 10,000 Euros. Sums greater than 1,000 Euros will be taxed. Non residents can take out as much as was originally imported and declared at the customs department.


• Illegal drugs
• Guns, explosives and ammunition
• Radioactive materials
• Special or secret communications equipment
• Plant and plant products
• Valuable trees (walnut, chestnut, lime, oak, pistachios, iron tree);
• Relict vegetation listed under the Red Book of the Azerbaijan Republic, dear and gazelle horns
• National cultural property listed in the State Registry for National Cultural Property of the Azerbaijan Republic
• Animal and animal products
• Materials advertising low morale, violence and terrorism
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• Video cameras being imported into the country will need to be declared upon arrival and re-exported.
• Hunting weaponry and ammunition can be transported with submitted permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
• Items containing gold or other precious metals and jewellery will need to be declared upon arrival.
• Carpets and other antiques will require an export certificate to take out of the country.
• Cats, dogs and most species of birds, except pigeons which are banned from entry, will need to be accompanied by a veterinarian health certificate which was issued less than ten days prior to departure.
• Up to 250 grams of caviar exported outside of the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic