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Free import

• A reasonable amount of tobacco products for personal use
• A reasonable amount of alcoholic products suitable only for personal use
• Any amount of perfume
• The whole value of accompanied luggage should not exceed $500
• Up to AFA 50,000 in local currency can be exported out of the country. Foreign currencies must equal the amount imported and declared. An "Ansari Application Form" is required for amounts over AFA 1,000,00.


• Firearms, explosives, daggers
• Obscene and subversive literature
• Alcohol - 2 litre exception for personal use for commercial air passengers
• Recorded VCR tapes and other movies
• Parlour video games or parts thereof
• Goods in commercial quantities
• A permit is also required for antiques, carpets, furs and camera film.


• Dogs and other animals being imported into the country will require a rabies inoculation certificate before being granted entry.