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VisaHQ Allows For Foolproof Business Travel Visa Applications

VisaHQ Allows For Foolproof Business Travel Visa Applications

Washington, D.C. -- December 11, 2018 -- VisaHQ, the leading online platform for travel visa and passport applications, today announced that it is now even simpler and faster for business travelers to submit applications for countries that require letters from their employers. The company announces its brand new Business Letter Generator, available exclusively to VisaHQ corporate clients.

Most embassies and consulates require employers to issue a personal letter explaining that a trip is for business purposes. The travelers should type this letter and write them in the first person. However, formatting and required information vary from country to country.

“Business travelers often overlooked travel visas,” says Oleg Naydonov, VisaHQ president, “Yet, traveling on the right type of visa is a legal responsibility for corporations. We’ve seen companies being blacklisted by customs because employees traveled for business on tourist visas.”

Just like VisaHQ’s SmartForm, its new Business Letter Generator dynamically displays the necessary fields to coordinate with any given country’s requirements. This tool lightens the research load for corporate travel teams in all industries.

It can be tricky to understand which type of letter and which information to provide. Some countries, such as Brazil, India, Iraq, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Thailand, and Vietnam, may require support and invitation letters on a case-by-case basis. Other nations, like as Russia and China, only necessitate the invitation letter -- VisaHQ supports both.

Many business travelers have seen their visa applications refused because of letter errors or letters addressed the wrong consulates. Although support and invitation letters seem nearly identical at first glance; they require different office addresses and signatories -- offices of origin for support letters and of destination for invitation letters.

VisaHQ ’s rapid growth has, in recent months, has been fueled by a deluge of corporations making the switch to VisaHQ to provide their travelers with seamless and efficient online visa applications. Also, individual travelers are increasingly turning to VisaHQ to expedite the visa process.

The new Business Letter Generator demonstrates VisaHQ’s mission to simplify and expedite visa applications through online innovations and customer-centered excellence.

Anyone who has traveled internationally knows that obtaining a travel visa is often a long and frustrating process. VisaHQ merges the skill of its expert team with an innovative AI-powered online solution, eliminating time-consuming, repetitive tasks, which tend to be part of applying for travel documents. Getting a travel visa is free from hassles with VisaHQ; the company ensures that travel documents will arrive without error and will be on-time every time. This service will permanently stamp out potentially expensive rescheduling fees.

About VisaHQ VisaHQ’s online platform makes it simple to obtain travel visas by streamlining and automating the application process. Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or a first-time overseas vacationer, our secure and intuitive platform saves time and hassle leaving you free to focus on your upcoming trip.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., VisaHQ was founded in 2003 on the premise that physical borders between nations can be made invisible via technology. Our mission has always been to create a more accessible, secure world for every traveler.

Today, the company has 26 offices in 13 countries and is continuously expanding to new locations. See www.visahq.com for more information.

Press Contact:


Stanislas Berteloot

VP Global Growth


+1 609 933 4363

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